Motoi Shimizu

I, Motoi Shimizu @motoishmz, is an innocent bystander who wants to have a close relation to data, pixels, and the Internet.

You can download more traditional resume from here someday.
last update: 2014-08-19

After several years of playing music, I started working as a web developer at a couple of companies - . . . . In 2010, I left my job to enroll at IAMAS DSP, International Academy of Media Arts and Science - Dynamic Sensoring Programming course, to start writing codes of my own interests such as Real world oriented, Playful interactivity, and Unuselessness. During this time I studied at Interface Culture in Linz, Austria as an exchange student. Then I worked as a freelance developer engaged with openFrameworks.

In 2013, I studied at SFPC (School for Poetic Computation) in NY. In 2014, I joined Rhizomatiks co.,ltd., a tokyo based company, as a software engineer. In May 2015, I left to establish our own force backspacetokyo with two of mega OF hackers.